Room Air Purifiers

Introducing the new COPPA Room Air Purifiers

General Description
The Coppa range of Air Purifiers delivers air purification and virus protection with its intelligent technology with antimicrobial, copper-containing and 3-fold certified filter material & HEPA H13 Filter.

The Coppa air filter benefits from reduced noise levels when compared to other models on the market.

Simple and safe handling with minimal energy consumption is ensured by the EC technology.
Synthetic filters and filter material containing copper work together to create healthy and clean air even indoors and with its large surface area, the copper filter reliably deactivates viruses and bacteria.

Features and Advantages

Improved health protection due to significant reduction of viruses and bacteria by means of a HEPA filter H13 to EN1822 combined with a copper filter which deactivates viruses and bacteria and enclosed UVC sterilising lamps.
-ISO18184:2019-06 (viruses)
-DIN EN ISO 20743:2001-12 (bacteria)
-DIN EN 14119:2003-12 (micro fungi)

Effectively filters out allergens, harmful gases, particulates (PM2.5), odours and bacteria
Effectively reduces harmful gases such as VOCs, formaldehyde and odours


Four fan speeds
Programmable present running time
Filter change indicator
Manual mode, Auto mode, Sleep mode, temperature and humidity measurement
Child-proof mechanism
Real-time display of PM2.5 value
Wi-Fi control
Enclosed UVC sterilising lamps


COPPA 2 .....Clean Air Delivery Rate ( CADR) 400m3/hr .....Unit Price €850.00


COPPA 3 .....Clean Air Delivery Rate ( CADR) 1000m3/hr....Unit Price €1450.00


Coppa 2 Air Purifier.webp
Coppa 2 Air Purifier.webp