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Duo Carbon Filter Cartridges

The Duo Carbon (DC) series filter cartridge is effective at reducing the chlorine taste and odour from drinking water. The Duo Carbon features a first stage wound polypropylene pre-filter to capture sediment and other impurities, the second stage utilises the highest quality carbon for water treatment, and a final 5 micron filter sleeve captures suspended carbon fines before they exit the filter. The Duo Carbon series therefore has the benefit of a two in one process, eliminating the need for a pre-filtration step.

  • Choice of granulated coal or granulated coconut shell carbon (both can have optional silver impregnation to inhibit bacteria growth), or cellulose carbon paper.

  • 10” – 40” Standard I.D. 28 mm, O.D. 64mm.

  • Pre-filtration layers 1 – 50 micron. Final 5 micron filtration layer.

  • Choice of end fittings including Double open ended, Code 3, Code 7 or Code 8.

  • Maximum operating temperature 80°

  • 5 Bar maximum dP.

Please contact us for further information.

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