Retrofit Cartridges
Retrofit Cartridges

The manufacture of air filter cartridges is requested by the customer so that the optimum air filtration can be achieved in a dust collector. Our experience of many years in air filtration industry, offer you professional support, when designing or purchasing some high quality air filter cartridges/air filter units. We can optimize your air filtration, by using our experience, using the right filter media for a dust type and combine the proper pleat height and no. of pleat, your filter system will have an extended lifetime.


We can provide you with our many years experience in air filtration our experience is your quality and we are proud to guide your with our professional support, when purchasing some of our high quality air filter products

Range of Retrofit products/diameters
  • On request

Silo Air
Side bloks Ø325
DIN Ø150/ 95 
Silo Top
3 hug Flange cartridge
Retrofit Ø155 enviromental cartridges
PU Cartridge
Built-in venturi
  •  Can be placed in Ø145,225 and 325 cartridges

Fit in most cartridges

Twist lock Ø225 and Ø325 
Hard PU Ø145
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