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Paint Pack Cartridge Filter Systems

The innovative Paint Pack Cartridge filter system is an enclosed cartridge filter unit within a sealed outer bag. Whilst it is most commonly used in the paint industry, it is suitable for many applications which desire an enclosed, ready to use unit for reasons of user safety, cleanliness, hygiene and toxicity.

The system consists of a polypropylene adaptor with manifold, inlet and outlet ports and a double layered protective bag with filter cartridges located inside. Due to the protective bag, the liquid being filtered does not come into contact with the housing and protects the user from direct contact with the fluid during filter changeout.

The Paint Pack Cartridge filter system is manufactured with 1,3 or 7 filter cartridges and in lengths of 5” to 30” and can be equipped with different types of cartridges in accordance with suitability to the application.

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