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HEPA Filters

Characteristics of HEPA Filters

HEPA filters are characterised by their combination of innovative design and proven technology. HEPA stands for high efficiency particle air filter. The use of high quality materials enables these filters to provide an extremely high air quality. On completion of the assembly process, each individual filter is tested in accordance with the EN1822 standard.


The construction of a HEPA Filter and the materials used are subject to continuous further development, which yields increasingly lower resistance and therefore reduced energy consumption. The filter media are made of glass microfiber sheet. This ensures consistent performance, while enabling use of the filters in highly critical environments, such as in hospitals and the nuclear industry.

Turbulent Flow Filters

This type of HEPA filter is widely used in circumstances where there are few requirements relating to the airflow’s laminarity, but high air quality standards are applicable. The filters have a high flow rate, thanks to the application of efficient deep-pleating methods. The construction methods applied vary for the following model types:

Standard model HEPA

These filters have nominal capacities, which serve as the basis for system design. Application of the deep-pleating method makes for low resistance at relatively low cost. The filter surface may be up to fifty times larger than its front area.

High capacity model

These HEPA filters have even lower resistance and higher flow rate. They operate on the basis of V-shaped filter packages, which are inserted in the filter. This method creates twice as large a filter area and flow rate in comparison to those of the standard model.

Laminar Flow Filters

HEPA filters with a laminar flow are widely applied in cleanrooms, where high air quality standards are essential. These have a lower flow rate than the turbulent flow filters. Laminar flow filters guarantee greater cleanliness in the cleanroom, thanks to aspects including the use of high quality filter paper and innovative pleating techniques. HEPA filters are available as standard in 68. 80. 90 and 110 mm thicknesses, while the pleat package has a maximum height with a view to achieving low resistance.

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