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Top Removable Cartridges
Top removable cartridges / clean Side removable Cartridges

Clean Side removable Cartridges are a dust filter cartridges with installation advantage at the Clean side of the dust collector, without using any tools. It gives you the Health & safety opportunities to work in a dust-free environment and minimize dust spread by rapid air filter control. This air filter cartridge can also be delivered with all our high efficiency filter media. 


We can provide you with our many years experience in air filtration our experience is your quality and we are proud to guide your with our professional support, when purchasing some of our high quality air filter products.  

Range of Diameters
  • Dia.155

  • Dia.166

  • Dia.180

  • Dia.196

  • Dia.334

  • Dia.352

  • Dia.390 

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